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Opera 11.52 In Android on your mobile

Opera 11.52 In Android on your mobile

FAQ, using help and the Opera Mini android 11.52 in itph.In you have any problems with Opera Mini, please go through the Opera Mini features in itph,Opera Mini help to you and Opera Mini Frt detials before you start a new thread. The Opera Mini 11.52 android forum is getting updates in android market so keep smile we are with you.
 If we discover new threads and erros in mobile apps that we  been covered in the help or FAQ apps section, the error will immediately be closed or delete in app. Any linking to unofficial versions of Opera Mini 11.52 in andriod  may very well result in depending .some mobile are depnding his os on apps and the model number so that we make a help in our andriod user account.

Opera Mobile 11.5.2 Android: change log

    Enabled possibility for sites to refresh using JavaScript (redirect to self)
    Fixed problems with settings menu closing without user interaction
    Fixed long startup time on some devices
    Fixed problems with HTML5 audio
    Fixed problems with big Link accounts freezing Opera
    Fixed isse that prevented users from changing already stored credentials
    Fixed problems with cache being deleted at startup Crash and stability fixes
    Fixed problems with no feedback given to the user when shortcut couldn't be added to home screen
    Fixed problems with star indication of bookmarked pages after device restart
    Fixed problems with download view not updated properly in some cases

 Try Opera on your phone

    Opera Mini 6.5 for Symbian devices
    Opera Mini 6.5 for iOS devices
    Opera Mini 6.5 for J2ME devices
    Opera Mini 6.5 for Blackberry devices
    Opera Mobile 11.5 Labs for MeeGo Netbooks and Tablets
    Opera Mobile 11.5 Labs for Maemo

Opera Mobile is a full browser with client-side support for JavaScript, HTML5, Flash (Android only) and more. In Opera Mini 11.52, the browser engine is running on Opera's servers. Web pages are transcoded and compressed up to 91% before being downloaded to the device, making Opera Mini lightning fast and also much cheaper if you are paying per the users should read the manual and the prosecutors then happy to use opera in your mobile.

Happy browsing,
The Opera Mobile Team and ITPH Team
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