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H1b visa application Form Fee and Status

H1b visa application Form Fee and Status

In the move that the expected h1b visa transfer to hit Indian IT companies majorly,the UNITED STATES has decided to reduced H01B visa fee for next appliers for visa application.

In a statement of USCIS listed visa cost out the details of the fee to be filed visa status by the applicants for H-1B visa,US special focused to reduced they H1-B visa to more employs above the 50 or more.In the US where more the 50 percent of its workers in the united states.H1B or L1 non Immigrant status.
H1b visa application Form Fee and Status

2012 The USCIS (US Citizenship and immigration services) is charging at cost of h1b $750 for singal employers with 1to25 full-time equivalent employees,and $1,500 for employers with 26 more full time employees h1b visa stamping.

There are an another $500 listed as fraud prevention and h1b visa sponsorship detection fee in this year of 2012. And employers seeking premium processing service more in us, in which application is processed within 15 days, need to submit an additional $1,225, it said so the aspirins should may apply next proceeds also of additional submission.

As the main focus of the India’s software and services companies earn around 60 percent of their revenues from the US and employ a large number of professionals here.So the USCIS also said that applications for the most sought after H-1B work visa – used extensively by Indian IT professionals – for the fiscal beginning 1 October, they would be accepted beginning 2 April.

The H1B Visa is the primary US work visa / permit made available to people from all over the world.

UNITED STATES Government introduced the H1B visa program to offer and enable skilled International Professionals and/or International Students, from all over the World,us the opportunity to live and work in the United states of America as the rules and conditions of the us government.The students and software professionals and international professionals as like they home country per the mentioned time of the visa.

The H1B is the most popular and sought after US(UNITED STATES) work visa and US Immigration requires 'every' foreign national to obtain a visa in order to legally work in America.

One of the main advantages of the H1B visa is that it is a 'dual intent' visa which means that you can apply for a Green Card (Legal Permanent Residency).For the united states of America.

categories are typically jobs in the fields of IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, Recruiting, Engineering (all types), Teaching, HealthCare/Medical, Legal, Lawyers, Networking, Telecoms, Business, Management, Scientific Research. They are the eligibility of the h1 b visa program.

Documents to get H4 VISA For the dependent of H1B VISA holder
Copy of your Spouse H1B visa
H1B approval notice - Copy
Letter from the current employer
Marriage certificate (If spouse)
Marriage album (If spouse)

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