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Airtel 4G LTE tariffs,devices and review

Airtel 4G Its Fast Its Speed.....
Airtel 4G is the more than the 1o times better for the 3G and the India largest mobile community airtel is the no one position .SO the Bharthi airtel to have decided to launch 4g in India .The place launch in Kolkata.Offer 4G have relevant to the customer its data speed and transfer more than the 3G.

Airtel is offering 4G Three Tariff Packs:

PLAN 1 Breakfree plan for Rs 999 for free data usage quota of six GB (giga bytes).

PLAN 2 Breakfree Max plan worth Rs 1,399 with free data usage of nine GB,

PLAN 3 Breakfree Ultra plan worth Rs 1,999 allowing free data usage of up to 18 GB.

A normal movie are hd movies to download requires about 300-500 MB (mega bytes) of space and a DVD quality and hd quality also movie about 1.5-2 GB. With 4G services, One word its total different of 3G Fast Browse,Fast Download,Fast Access.

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Airtel 4G LTE tariffs,devices and review Airtel 4G LTE tariffs,devices and review Reviewed by aponlines Blue Moon on 4/10/2012 05:46:00 pm Rating: 5
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