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how to change|upload template to blog website

How to Upload template and plugins to blog website...
Here persons who didn't like he blogger mannuval templates dont worry just go on choose which one you like.Just a method following here given below steps then simple your blog as you like its. Following there 10 steps to crearte your btemplates and you'll be website or blog as you like it

Much More Blogger Templates:

Steps How To Install Blogger Templates and plugins:

Step -1:First open your blogger

Step -2:Then open the url of

Step -3: Choose which one you like templates download

Step -4:Then click blogger dashboard

Step -5:Click designee option

Step -6:Then Click edit html

Step -7:Open there Choose file option

Step -8:Which one you download the templates upload form your computer

Step -9:Then save template choose preview once

Step -10:Just simple its will over as you like your blog or website.

Here the completed as you like. Thank u for visiting I Time Pass Hub for latest updates please give your email feed.

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