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new version toyota camry price and specification 2012

A new version of the Toyota camry

The Indian car giant Toyota on Friday camry japanis introduced to the market a new version of the car. Its price is Rs. 23.8 lakh (Delhi). This car will be the company's Indian unit Toyota Kirloskar Motor Assembling plant in Bangalore (TKM) Managing Director Hiroshi nakagava said. It is currently 10 locations worldwide develpoment, the plant will be mentioned in the eleventh bang lore. It is only in petrol model TKM Deputy Managing Director (Marketing) Sandeep Singh said. camry the previous version of the price of Rs. 21.58 lakhs -23.73 lakh (Delhi EX-SH) was used.

Honda Accord, volkswagen passat, Skoda cars, the Toyota camry compete suparb. In the case of a diesel engine plant in India, the parent company,Singh said. And volatile fuel prices, partly in India. On the other hand, by the end of March to increase annual production capacity to 100,000 cars over Rs. 900 crore investment the company sources said. Investors this investment has two plants in Bangalore.

Toyota has made a number of small but effective changes to the redesigned 2012 Camry. The result is that the Camry has moved back up to be a top choice for a midsize sedan.


Strong and fuel-efficient engines; user-friendly and high-tech electronics; comfortable and spacious backseat; top safety scores.


Numb steering and mushy handling in all models but SE; no manual transmission available.

Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options

Power trains and Performance


Interior Design and Special Features

Driving Impressions


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