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Samsung Galaxy Note II launched at IFA 2012

Samsung launches the largest screen smart phone Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 2. Samsung's new product, the largest electronics show held in Berlin, was launched in Europe. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the world's largest smart phone.
The legal battle with Apple in the past after losing patent is the first product launched by Samsung. Samsung Note 2 through the upper hand in this battle will help him. After the war demanded that the ban on Samsung's many products. The Samsung Galaxy S smart phones are not included in those which are being sought to ban.
Apple recently made the company the world's highest value (read how Apple became the number one company).Meanwhile, Samsung said Apple's headquarters in California, more than 30 trucks loaded with five-cent coins are sent. When the truck arrived the employees felt that they're in the wrong truck. Apple CEO Tim Cook a few minutes after the call from the CEO of Samsung which he explained that the fine imposed by the court last week to pay a similar amount of one billion dollars. Samsung’s smart phone market with 33% share, which was 17% last year. Smart phone Samsung sells 5 million a year as the head of the company remains.
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The uniqueness of its large screen Galaxy Note 2. Its 5.5-inch Flexible (Unbreakable) will screen. The latest update of Android could come up with jellybean.Galaxy Note Voice Detection of new offline feature will be allowed to work during the visit. The phone not only language, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, will also be set. Message will be delivered in 1000 with the connected device.5.5 inch screen of the Galaxy Note 2, 1280-800 pixel resolution, 9.6 mm thin, weighing about 180 grams, 12 MP rear, 2 MP front camera, average battery capacity 2 GB RAM Speed 2500 MHz (1.6 GHz processor) will run on . Galaxy Note 2 will be Rs 40,000.

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