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IMMUCIN 2012 Cancer vaccine breakthrough cancer vaccine

ImMucin 2012 cure of 90 percent cancer now at market with in 6 years....
ImMucin 2012, a vaccine that targets a molecule present in 90 percent cure for all cancers may used in a human body cancer.Its the tested on human body's for the first time, according to researchers who found that all the blood cancer patients tested in the trial had greater immunity to the disease after receiving the drug in there body's its will be almost cure for the 90% of the cancer.

The final results may published yet of this time.But if the findings are confirmed in future trials of the human body's they take 100% of the cure then the vaccine could be on the market in almost of 6 years we will take the medicine.

The world most experienced cancer clinical trial was conducted at the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem and consisted of ten patients with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that affects plasma cells in bone marrow, have now received they cancer vaccine.
ImMucin possesses several unique characteristics:

Novel unexplored sequence

Improved immunogenicity

Sequence specific Adjuvant

TAP-Independent presentation

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