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Amazon challenges iPad with new Kindle Fire HD 2012

The new tablet will challenge the iPad, Kindle, Amazon debuts new Kindle Fires to challenge the iPad

Thursday Amazon new tablets and e - gave a series of leader. It is a challenge to Apple's iPad extender. The company had already announced that the Kindle e - Leader and updated version of the Kindle Fire will launch HD.
Online giant Amazon launched the tablet in two sizes. To compete with Apple's iPad in the price it was pretty successful. Amazon has had its price is $ 200 per device.

This black and white Kindle with its new version also spoke at the launch, whose name is placed Kindle. The first page of Kindle books than fifteen percent more slender and has the ability to turn quickly.

The first Kindle Fire OMAP4 platform works. Plebes also ran the Blackberry platform. The new Kindle screen is too bright at night, it means that now you can read the book on Kindle. The new device will work on quad-core processor and will feature a front facing camera. This device will run for 8 weeks on a charge.
The company has a total of seven models currently on the market. Whose prices range from $ 70 to $ 600. The black and white screen color tablet e-Leader Price is $ 70 while the price is $ 600.

Santa Monica Below new device with the Amazon CEO Jeff says that given the price we can not make the best tablet. But at any rate we are making good tablet.

Kindle Fire will take on iPad HD on many levels. The new version is a 8.9-inch display. While the iPad is 9.7 inches. Front facing camera is similar to Amazon's new Divas who works with Softest Soapy video conferencing. Apple's iPad, and it directly challenges video conferencing. Like the new Kindle  iPad 16 GB storage capability. The company has its price to $ 300, while the iPad's baseline cost is $ 500.

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