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New Apple iPhone 5 Pre-orders and price, features

IPhone-5 waiting, the new phone with the new operating system. Phone 5 to be released on September 12 about a lot is being said. Apple's new device also conceivably record sales are being made, but did you know that this little device called iPhone -5 U.S. ponderous economy may also have contributed. World of banking and finance giant J. P. Morgan Michael Feroli associated with the release of the new iPhone in the U.S. economy could contribute 0.33 percent.” What difference will the economy from a humble phone?" Feroli in a note of the name of the answer to this question is yes, and he did because "our equity in the fourth quarter experts around 8 million iPhone -5 sell, and the sale of the old iPhone will run at normal speed.
 Every new phone and its Manufacturing and import prices in the $ 600-cost $ 200, this means that the remaining trade margin of $ 400 per phone. According to the calculations by Michael Ferule Akanln that 8 million phones sold in the fourth quarter as well as the U.S. GDP in 2012 would be $ 3.2 billion, or 12.8 billion dollars annually. The U.S. GDP by 0.33 percent annually will speed .Feroli Akando some inaccuracies may say that these are therefore not considered to be entirely true. But he also stresses the economies of the fact that the iPhone-4S launch last October 5 as soon sell worldwide began to rise in sales was thumping. Samsung's dominance in the smart phone market because of the emergence of new equations iPhone -5 -4 s bigger than the iPhone's release is being considered. Apple iPhone 5 launching preparations have been completed. After Steve Jobs is the company's first major launch. -5 IPhone with a ton of new features is bringing new.
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iOS operating system.

Today Apple CEO Tim Cook will present to the world an iPhone -5. San Francisco to be in the event we are bringing instant - instant news. According to reports received so far before the iPhone's screen will be greater than -5 and thin with this phone with slim battery will. The USP of this phone is 4G Internet. Reports noted the new iPhone version will work on modern iOS6. This new operating system will launch with the iPhone 5.During that Apple may launch similar to your new iPod. According to the linked website 9to5Mac Apple's new iPod range have succeeded. Attached to the Apple iPhone
News Stay tuned to learn the news.

Apple iPhone 5, the width is less than 18 per cent. Now it is 7.6 millimeters.

5 Black and white models will be available in Apple.

IOS has 6 200 new applications, yet its release date has not been made public.

IPhone assistant Siri's voice commands and is designed to improve also. Siri now
can be updated via Facebook States.

Apple to launch iPhone 5 Tim Cook

IPhone will speed up to 5150 Mbps.

Apple explaining about Grfiks Grofiks Executive Forum. IPhone 5 Grofiks
capabilities have been doubled.

IPhone 5 will be the last phone weighs 112 grams lighter than the 20 percent.
(Photo Sinat Twitter feed)

IPhone 5 will ape the inbuilt panoramic photographed on 28 Mega pixel said.

IPhone 5 will be photographed during video recording.

IPhone 5 has three microphones. The top and bottom of the microphone will.

IPhone 5 connector has also been changed. 30-pin connector coming almost a decade
with Apple products, but this time there is a new connector has been named

The new connector will be fully reversible. Apple said it will prove more durable.

The new iPod will be available in many colors. Although the web browser or Wi-Fi
will not.

16 GB iPhone for $ 5199, 32 GB and 64 GB for $ 299 to $ 399 will be available in the contract.

IPhone-5 Dam: The world's largest economy will 'push'

The event also launched the Apple iPod Touch 4-inch screen and it would be 88 grams. According to Apple iPod is by far the most light and thin. Touch ipod graphics speed has been increased seven-fold. Gaming on the new Apple iPod Touch will have unique experience.

Apple's new iPod has also tried to give the appearance of the camera. Although the 5-megapixel camera has been added to many advanced features.

Apple has launched the new Ear buds. According to Apple, so far as 600 million (60 million) has sold headphones.

IPod Touch 64 GB iPod Shuffle 2 GB at $ 399, while a mere 49 dollars will be available to it.

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