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Facebook launches new tool Search graph 2013

Facebook launches new tool "Search graph"

Always something new to its users, the world's largest social networking site Facebook now has a new feature 'graph' is launched. Multi-billion users, the new feature introduced by Facebook CEO Mark Mark Zuckerberg. Just a way to search new search engine will change things.
Facebook launches new tool Search graph 2013

After presenting the Facebook News Feed and Timeline Search Option began graph. This new kind of search bar at the top of the Facebook page will be displayed. A few days ago, Facebook introduced new features to the privacy of users did. Search graph is designed keeping in mind the company's privacy. The first version of Graph Search Search only four people, photographs, location and hobbies will show.

Facebook graph according to the statement made on behalf of the intention to begin the search for their friends and relatives to give information about the hobby. Opportunity to introduce new features in California while Mark Zuckerberg talks to the media said that the 'graph search, "be said. Through which you can search through your friends Mark Zuckerberg.

Through it, the people who place their interest and they've Mansion, the search may accordingly. Jukrberg hereby also said that you can learn which of your friends have been living in San Francisco. Facebook has teamed up with Bing to search graph. The search engine will be searched from the English words. With this tool you can search photos.Graph search" to allow Facebook users to search within social connections for information such as photos and places.For this tools get you on

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