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Violence and Bloodshed in Egypt 2013

Bloodshed in Egypt 2013

The city of Port Said in Egypt  Field on Saturday.

28 people were killed; 200 people with injuries

'Football Violence' accused of the death penalty to stop riots

Cairo: Egypt's Port Said city Field on Saturday. Police, 28 people died from confrontations between protesters. 200 people were injured. Two police officers were among the dead. Deployment of violence in the city and a huge army. Egyptian President Mohammed  canceled his foreign tour and reviewed the situation.

What is wrong?

In the case that led to the bloody ground over the past year after a football match on Saturday, the death of 21 people in Cairo court judgment sentencing fad. The accused family members know arrived at the city jail. Tried to hit them in jail విడిపించుకునేందుకు. The police apprehended them. He makes some of the protesters and the police opened fire with rifles and fired.

The accused in the court to impose the death penalty legal experts. They are thought to be accused . In this case, the rest of the 52 people on March 9 judge said verdict. There are nine members of the security officers who were prosecuted. Death sentences imposed on the accused to be guilty Grand uptight a religious company. On February 1, 2012 in Port Said, Cairo, during the football match between the two teams angry confrontation with fans. fired. Knives and attack, a stampede at a total of 74 people died.

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