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Intent These 7 things good or bad!

Any body know the intent of these 7 things good or bad!

Trust and love are the foundation of every relationship in life. But often many people working, anger, arrogance, greed, infatuation or inherent vice of envy because of their family, friends or lying closest confidence of individuals, are seen to break from work or behavior which, after all relationships with the confidence can also cause weakening.
Intent These 7 things good or bad!

Scriptures from the perspective of moral strength which such a life is helpful in overcoming difficult situations. Therefore it is necessary to retain that person know the difference between wrong and right man - thought became expert in the art of balancing work and behavior, so that the life, and relationships, better to put.

The judging is attached to the body to consider certain things. Know someone's right or wrong intentions reached the next picture that highlights what a person's body to keep an eye on things.
Intent These 7 things good or bad!

In simple terms means that one's body to mind are these 7 things to know?

Size - Height - Saddle

Signal - signal from the body being

Speed ​​- Haste or body lethargy

Gesture - actions

Speech - good or evil speaking, voice fluctuation

Eye - eye movement, gesture or movement

Modes of face - the face gestures
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