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New PS4 Sony PlayStation 4

New PS4 Sony PlayStation 4, Price, Online Purchase, Specification and features.

Japanese electronics giant Sony PlayStation 4 launch in New York yesterday. Its features, graphics and social media sharing Given the Next Generation Gaming Console PlayStation 4 is being considered.
New PS4 Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 will be launched in the market, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo's Wii U to compete with the upgraded version. An upgraded version of its PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 is seven years old. Sony's PlayStation 3 has sold seven million seven years and a half in total.PlayStation 4 with touchpad, motion control, social and remote features.
New PS4 Sony PlayStation 4

Sony's new play - as many gaming software range with the launch of the station announced. It includes shared-world shooter from Bungie. Ubisoft's WatchDogs is also included in the title game.
New PS4 Sony PlayStation 4

Slide forward to the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4 photos. It also has brought a glimpse of new games, it's racy graphics and features.

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