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PayPal New Mobile Payment at

PayPal New Mobile Payment 

PayPal, launched a rival business on Tuesday called Affirm that will compete in the crowded but fast-growing mobile payments business.For the Paypal was given a option to use there users satisfactions a option of mobile payment.
PayPal New Mobile Payment at

Now the technology helps shoppers complete online purchases more quickly and easily when they are using smart phones and other mobile devices, according all the website and blogs.Its will be given on latest Android and mac users also.Now its easy to pay on Paypal through mobile option.

PayPal, owned by eBay Inc (EBAY), is the leader in online payments,Now he most of the people they want to pay in mobile so the Paypal have to decide given this option for Paypal users.

FACEBOOK to users secured so for first-time users the process includes a third step verification for the other involves logging into their Facebook accounts and accepting these application.
PayPal New Mobile Payment at

A brief about the Paypal

What is Paypal?
Pay and get paid anywhere in the world your money transfer through online.Accept online and mobile payments - anytime, anywhere.Sell anywhere your place.

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