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BlackBerry new BlackBerry z10 Now in Market

BlackBerry new touch screen phone BlackBerry z10

BlackBerry maker Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) announced the BlackBerry has changed its name.While the physical keyboard BlackBerry Q10 Z10 touch - screen keyboard has.
BlackBerry new BlackBerry z10 Now in Market

The new operating system launch in the company's corporate smartphone market is expected to return again. BlackBerry for your particular operating system is already known worldwide. The company hopes that this new operating system iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users could drag on your behalf. The new phone will be available soon in the market for the general customers. Let's talk about the new Blackberry phone-z10 features and merits.
BlackBerry new BlackBerry z10 Now in Market

Display and keyboard
BlackBerry's new smartphone BlackBerry z10 4.2 inch full touchscreen with a 1280x768 pixels. The QWERTY keyboard has been recognized due to the big screen in BlackBerry's new phone and typing a message to will facilitate. Scrooge based designs drawn on the home screen looks very beautiful. You can also Scrooge based typing. Soft Touch keyboard might make a mark among the youth.

Z10 new BlackBerry smartphone has an 8 megapixel camera. The front camera has not yet available. The pin point the camera function you can target a person in the crowd could take photos. New Time Shift feature also allows the camera of the phone. Shoot the photo you can send to your friends.
BlackBerry new BlackBerry z10 Now in Market

Processor and RAM
BlackBerry z10  of 1.5 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal memory. Rugged browser adds its features. New phone BlackBerry's new operating system "BlackBerry 10's.

Balance manager
The new BlackBerry smartphone two ways you can handle your phone, a personal life and the Official Life. You can set it according to your choice and personal data and Official data individually can.

A home button
BlackBerry's new phone is not in the company's home button. Gashcr help you easily access all the options it can.

Connectivity and battery
BlackBerry's new phone with NFC, micro USB 2.0 port for connectivity and Wi - Fi is provided. The 1800 mAh battery, although the company has not provided information about its talk time.

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