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How To Add Stylish Border Table In Post Blogger

How To Create Border Table In Post Blogger Without Coding

Lots of the blogger they want to explain there article or post briefly so sometime times they want to give you on table border for looking beautiful  Now the most of the users they don't no how to create a table in blogger ohhh they dont no html codes so that's why our blog members given you how to create a table or border in blogger posts and article. Now blogger, blogspot users, or any body mean visitor here given the coding given details so why late just continue your beautiful border here.

What are the border or table in you now all results ,hall ticket, time table, content borders every time we given normally on marge but some of the people they want to given a perfect focus content to given and attraction path.So that's  the users or blogger want border or table in blogger.

Now first all we are telling please back up your blogger templates because some times your placings coding was incorrect you template was disable.So that's the reasons you should back up your template and move on you border template.share how to create a table and writing code HTML tags.

Now we discuss about the basic code above was to beautify  text alignment and size of the width of the table we set the example 450px on your blog just follow the below the html code:

<table border="1" width="450">
<tr bgcolor="#F2F2F2">
<td align="center"><b>content 1</b></td><td align="center"><i>content 2</i></td><td align="center">content 3</td>

So the result looks to be like this:

That's simple your borders are complete.

A small suggestion for you every installing yoour code please create in notepad and see the preview every post method. Thanku for visiting our i time pass hub wee will give you more tips and tricks about the blogger thank u.

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