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How To Remove Blogger Navbar Easy Steps

How to Remove Blogger Navbar Without Coding and With Html Code in Blogger

This is my 45th tutorial for blogger in this article we learning about the how to remove navbar in blogger.New and old blogspot blogger can don't no how to remove navbar may be its not important but its remove some special look on your blogger page.and most of the its not useful to blogger its useful to blogger third party advertised so here to explain to a simple method to remove your blogger navbar easily. So why late lets remove navbar on my blog and your blog also.just follow my steps given below.

The advantages of it are the following:

B icon
Sign in /Sign out dialog
search for other blogs
Flag Blog
Next Blog

Removing The Blogger Navbar without coding in blogger:

Step 1. Login to your Blogger account.

Step 2. Then Click on your blog name Then Click Layout.

Step 3. Now you can see the gadget name as Navbar Given the image below

Step 4.  Click Edit Gadget 

Step 5. When the pop-up window appears

Step 6. Scroll down and select Off, then click on Save button

Step 7. Its done

Removing The Blogger Navbar with Html coding in blogger Template:

Step 1. First go to

Step 2. Click Your blog then Select Template

Step 3. Select Edit Html

Step 4. Dont tik on expand widget

Step 5. Then enter CNTl+F, Find Navbar

Step 6. Now you See the <b:widget id=Navbar1' locked='true' code like this

Step 7. Remove the line on mark give the below image

Step 8. Now save your template its will show you as delete widget now click yes 

Step 9. Simple Your navbar will be removed

For fully images details given below

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