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UP Govt Website To Track Free Laptops And Tablets

UP Govt Website To Track Free Laptops And Tablets

Free laptops, tablets have to click this website

Government of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh students laptops, tablets and a step toward his promise to have increased. The government has launched a website on which you have your free laptop, tablet can track.

up laptop-tablet name on this website, free laptops, tablet scheme of development information - can see the features of these gadgets.

In the next slide you can see how it gives free laptops for college students the tablet Akhilesh government. Also you can see what they - what would happen to these special features and students?

Laptop, two cameras, 6 hour battery back - up, 3G and Wi - Fi support. The features of the laptop does not seem to be any new launch. This laptop features provided to students in Uttar Pradesh.HP India's Uttar Pradesh state government has won the contract to distribute 150,000 laptops million. Akhilesh brother's government will have to vacate on a laptop wealth of around Rs 19, laptops for school,free laptops for veterans,free laptops for teachers,free laptops for low income families.

Akhilesh Yadav government tender requirements of the companies referred to her features were great. The 14-inch display in a laptop whose tender Rijyolyusn 1024 * 768 pixels or higher was told. 2 GB internal memory and 500 GB hard disk that was asked. In addition to English and Hindi to Urdu laptop support required was told.

HP India Uttar Pradesh government to give the laptop to the finals of the 145 meter area Wi - Fi connection facility should be. The 3 mega - pixels front camera and 2 - mega pixel back camera. This DVD read - write to optical drive.HP India to the state government to give 1 year free service is also available. Support centers in every district of the state, the company will open. And of course - the Board is to protect the leather cover.

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