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How to Brain Waves Used to Unlock Password

Now Your password will become brain waves

Individually online service is different in how to set passwords.

In front of many people who remember the password for each service is not less than a challenge.

This will get rid of the hassle of typing a password. Any ideas would bring the front of the system in the brain.

Researchers have designed a tool called Mindset. Bio - Mindset an EEG sensor technology unit must have started working on the user's brain - Waves (brain waves) and will read and send messages as the password.

Mindset design of a high-tech headphones, connected to the system via Bluetooth. Whatever you think, that arose during Brain - Waves password will become. Your system will be connected.

Safe from hacking or theft
If your password is also floating the idea that if someone can not open the system. Like all Brain Finger Prints - Waves are also different.

Brain - Wave, Bio - Sensor Technology
Bio - Sensor technology that reads brain waves. With the help of EEG devices such as the user's brain - is read out and the Brain Waves - Waves passwords work.

EEG technology
(EEG) technology to measure electrical activity of the brain. Metal electrodes attached to the skin of the head, brain waves, prepare Kepatrn. A Poligraf machine that records the waves.
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