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What is seo and How to seo for bloggers

Seo How to do SEO (search engine optimization) for blogger

Off page seo tutorial or SEO Tools and off page seo tips or techniques giving here on the list below.

what is off page seo

Off page seo is the major role to improve your website traffic to publicity process.Here i am giving the fully information details about the Off-Page SEO For Beginners.So just read the below every point.

This is article about blogs the how to website seo, blogger seo, wordpress seo, video seo first of all we learn about the seo how to do seo for blogger.

What is seo?

So here learning about the search engine optimization (SEO) is there two types of method to do in seo.

how seo on page optimization :

1. So on page seo is the basic html tags in blogger, wordpress, php and website.SO giving to h1, h2 tags is the keyword giving exact placement of title.

2. Title Tag here giving the a simple html code to use the title tag </title> mean the home page title to post or article title placement

3. Meta Tags is the most important in seo meta tags basically two modes

A - Description Tag is the giving about the you website or blog basic information about your site belongs to.

B - Keywords Tag is the giving about the your post keywords like home page keyword also you can use its will helps to optimize your exact keyword which visitor search in Google, yahoo, bing or other search engg optimization.

Free seo tools for keywords tag use Google adwords, Google keyword tool or Google keyword search terms for all the  seo training.

OFF page optimization in seo :

Most of the methods using off page seo for website, blogger, wordpress given the main points.

Ad Url
ROI (a custom metric determined internally by (Days Seen*Percentage Seen)/Number of Days Seen since Last Seen)
Name of Affiliate Network
Keyword being Bid On
Estimated Volume
Estimated CPC
Last Seen Position & Average Position
Days Seen/Days Checked
Last/First Seen Dates
Related Keywords
Ad Copy

Mainly visitors there search keyword method like

how do blogs help seo
blog do seo cruz
how do i seo my blog
seo for blogspot blogs

So what are the main methods to use seo for blog.

Mostly check every below the thing you can select the high pr with page rank of 0 to 10 or top level list its will growth you website page rank.

Free directory submission list

Free Social Networking and Bookmarking List

Free Social Media Sites Submission List

Free Social Networking Sites

Free forum submission sites list

Free Article Submission Websites

Blogger Comments

Wordpress Comments

So detail List of above the all the seo tips watch seo tips column.
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