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Free Dofollow Backlinks form Blogger Comments

How Get Free Backlinks to Blogger

free back links submitter in a right process form Blogger Href Link here the method given how  to submit blogger href link backlinks submission in blogger.A simple steps to do get more traffic ad high page rank for blogger given details below.

What is Blogger href comment link ?

Blogger comment link is the one of major seo role in website most of the people they dont no how to get backlink form there competitors so here the href link will be given you improve your website growth.
Free Dofollow Backlinks form Blogger Comments

How to get backlinks ?

Just a simple html code you will get a backlinks form bloggers or your compactor bloggers here the given the below you can see the a code.

Blogger HTML Code

<a href="">yourkeyword</a>

Blogger HTML Comments Styles

Bold Style HTML Blogger Comments

<b><a href="">yourkeyword</a></b>

Italic Style HTML Blogger Comments

<i><a href="">yourkeyword</a></i>

Under Line Style HTML Blogger Comments

<ul><a href="">yourkeyword</a></ul>

Color Style HTML Blogger Comments

<c><"colour=Red"><a href="">yourkeyword</a></c>

How to give a comment back links in blogger just a simple method you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open with you want to get back link form the blogger website

Step 2: Click on the blogger comment box below you can watch

Step 3: Enter the code you can see the below with you target keyword

Step 4: If the compatriot blogger give you anonymous method in comment box you just a post your comment if the competitor given register user you must login in gmail or with the providing users.

Step 5: Now link will be submitted here you have note the point if the blogger which you submit your href link they automatic published you can get the fast approval if the blogger give you visible to after approval you have take some time which you want the link user published.

Free Dofollow Backlinks form Blogger Comments
Free Dofollow Backlinks form Blogger Comments


Free Dofollow Backlinks form Blogger Comments
Then publish  the comment simple its will approval will the blogger admin was given automatically if the blogger user was given the visible after the review approval its take some time to get backlink form which you given the href link.

Given the below we given a video and tutorial method to how to submit href blogger comment.

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