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Latest Flipkart Offers, Coupons, Discount Deals 2015 at

Latest Flipkart Offers, Coupons, Discount Deals 2015 at The online shopping sites india flipkart discount coupons Online Shopping of Books, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Watches, Clothing & Other Products at Best Price in India. Free Shipping & Cash on Delivery Available and also to buy phone online with easy options to use at e shopping websites. On top online shopping sites in india flipkart is the one of the best low price and cheap online shopping sites people who are looking for online shopping here our team will give you get flipkart coupons and promo codes for new offers flipkart to purchase best discount price times of india shopping coupondunia you can directly purchase here

The e-commerce giant flipkart 'Big billion for the Day', a huge discount offer on Monday, the response was unexpected. 24 hours to 10 billion dollars (about Rs .615 crore) gross sales target as .. Offer (Monday at 8 am) to 10 hours, the company said in a statement. In addition, online users across the country on Monday heavily billion (100 million), according to the website hits.

However, with the advent of Web traffic unrivaled flipkart website crashed. Users have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the site is a bit freezing. Rounding out the prices before the discount offer .. led to criticism of social media. However, there are technical problems at a time when millions of users access to the website .. it corrects the company offered an explanation for their staff.

October 6 (6-10) day .. flipkart entrepreneurs in Bangalore in 2007, the 610 is the same as the number of flat open flipkart the 'Big billion for the Day' in the name of the company, has offered exceptional discounts. "It is a memorable day for us .. in the country, making it the largest selling online. Customers are willing to buy from 8 in the morning. The response was inconceivable that the founders flipkart said in a statement.

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E-commerce companies controlled  online sales (e-commerce), due to the massive discounts to traditional traders (offline market) seriously All India Federation of traders has expressed concern. control e-commerce companies, the management has asked the government to take action. The Union Commerce and Industry Minister, National General Secretary Praveen wrote a letter. E-commerce industry regulatory organization in the country, he said Big Billion Day on Monday, hundreds of thousands of flipkart this thing .. Cart greatly users. Those in need of 40-inch plasma TV is Rs 20 thousand, non-claustrophobics also purchased more competitive. A combination of all purchases in just ten hours in total sales of Rs 600 crore .. literally! However, at the time of the sale Inquisitiveness problems marred by many users of social media. From 8 am to start buying customers, with the advent of high-quality products at low prices, entire units such as an increase in sales during the day, it's a record in the history of Indian flipkart e-commerce co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, a US statement said.

Flipkart Latest Offers, Coupons, Discount Deals 2015 at www.flipkart.comHowever, some problems arise in transactions that statement they agreed that the word itself. From time to time the error of their technology team is constantly monitored to correct them ssaid. Only one hundred million hits on their site on the same day To come. The ten-hour sales of around Rs. Compared to 615 million transactions.

The flipart Snap to the opponent Deal also be on sale on Monday, led diwali bumper. The site was sold by the delegates themselves crore rupees per minute. Flip it around Cart is equal to the sales. Flipkart online shopping giant .. freshly opened the door for a realty deal. 30 lakh sqft for their activities in Bangalore Leased office space. This year Rs. 300 crore to pay the rent. Bangalore-based realty company Embassy Group signed an agreement in this regard. The expression of interest document signed. 90 days of the final agreement will be provided in support of the deal, India Country Head property consultant said.

The Office of the domestic real estate market recovery trail proof of this deal, he said. This is a signed agreement to the barn took over most of the year, he said. A total of 10 people shortlist of developers, explained that the choice of the end of the Embassy of the group. However, it has refused to respond to the flipkart. Snapdeal, to compete with Amazon and other shopping sites flipkart activity has been expanding heavily. It also does not take part in this year's 12,000 employees.

per month. 90 rental ..30 lakh sq. A. Office space for lease in a phased manner Group Chairman and Managing Director, said. Fully office space rental per month. claimed to be 90. 24 months of the initial 15 million space. After that 3-5 years is likely to increase to 32.5 million said. Bangalore Outer Ring Road near the "Office of the Embassy of the park," the name of the private equity firm Blackstone Group, together with the Embassy of the construction of the project will be in the office space.
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