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Online Shopping Festival Deals, Offers, Discounts 2015

Online Shopping Festival Deals, Offers, Discounts 2015: Great indian shopping festival 2015 starts people looking for great offers here our website giving you best online shopping sites to buy all the products on this time Google GOSF 2015 Deals Google Online Shopping Festival 2015. You can get best discounts to buy in Free Discount Coupons, Coupon Dunia, Save Money India, Flipkart, Sanpdeal, Amazon, Ebay, Discounts, Paytm, Jabong, Myntra, Shopclues, Online Offers, Shopping Discounts, Hotels.

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Online Shopping Deals Offers Discounts 2015Online Shopping Festival 2015 discount online shopping Google Great Online Shopping Festival successful online Google said. Guntur, Bangalore, Ranchi and other users through mobile phones from small towns still under way in the online shopping industry. Not only in india on all over country's like dubai shopping festival took part in the Google India director said. Friday, 80 million hits have come to the end of the three days of shopping, including the promotion period, the number of hits reached 1.4 million, he said gosf great indian shopping festival in 2015.

It is seven times greater compared to last year 2014 dubai shopping center, 220 cities across the country participated in the said customers enjoy the online shopping. by 40 per cent of the users have access to the shopping, he said. Electronics, Lifestyle, were sold in the kitchen equipment. 500 homes, 50 cars, 100 bikes were sold,

Internet giant Google Great Online Shopping Festival Launched. Wednesday through Friday on Line Festival to be held. Google Nexus smartphone during the 6 Rediscovered. Great Online Shopping Festival Google India Managing Director Rajan Anandan said in offering the smartphone.

Nexus 6 smartphones (Rs .43,999 32 GB, 64 GB and Rs .48,999) can be obtained by flipkart Anandan said. This smartphone Nexus 6, along with the digital media player,  (Rs. 2,999) is also offering, and lenovo, Asian Paints, Tata Housing, said  products available.

Bharti Airtel is offering through a partnership with snapdeal Anandan said first launched in 2012, then 90 business organizations, now increased to 450 the number of companies in this business, he said. Online shopping in India, being still under way, he said. By 2016, 10 million to increase the number of people shopping online said.
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