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How to Choose Niche Site As Event Blogging in 2018 Case Study

How to Build a Niche Website Ranking on Event Blogging in Google and Bing by Thokala Media:

We all do own sites in various niches right?!
Few type of sites will have static pages and few others will be updating posts regularly.

The general method that we all (most of us) follow for writing the article is like: Select a topic from our competitor -> google the topic -> refer to other sites ranking on that topic -> Rewrite their article in our own words/style -> publish on our site!

By this way, most of the content over the internet is almost same with a minor modification.

At a point of the stage, I felt that what I do is wrong... 
For content ideas, I refer to my competitors and that competitor refers to their competitors and it keeps going continuously...
If that is the case, what my question is, What is the Source of that article/topic?
How can we publish content on our website which is completely fresh and unique to the internet?

Let's discuss them in detail in this thread!

Case Study of How I got links from authority:

How to Build a Niche Website Ranking on Event Blogging in Google and Bing:

Case Study of How I got links from authority gaming sites like Kotaku, Polygon, and others through Email Pitching for my Pokemon Go niche site. in Bitcoin, Tech or Education Results Etc...

Note: I would like to give you a reminder that this is a case study which worked very well for me in this particular niche (Pokemon Go). You can replicate it fully or a few steps out of it and try if it works for you as well.

How To Start A Niche Site In 12 Simple Steps By Thokala Media:

What is event blogging? And how can I do it?

1. Subscribed to Pokemon Go subreddit for notifications, registered to 3-4 popular Pokemon Go forums and enabled email notifications.

2. Kept a close eye on the type of questions people were asking, discussing, the content they were sharing. If there was no blog post on that topic on any other site, I would publish that on my blog (not an exact copy, but took the key points out of it and created content).

3 (Very Important). I set up Google Alerts with the keywords "Pokemon Go Research" and it's variations. So, Google would send me an email if it found any research published on that topic.

4. I found a few types of research which were published on a few forum posts and Reddit, I published them on my site (of course, giving due credits to the original researcher at the end of the post)

5. Now, I had a unique set of content that NONE of the other blogs had on the web except mine (curated from Reddit and Forum posts).

--- Time for outreach ---

6. I did a thorough research on big authority sites like Kotaku, Polygon and others, and made a spreadsheet and wrote the name of all the editors (authors) **who published on the topic of Pokemon Go** on these sites. Now I had a list of the editors of these big sites, their email IDs, so it was time to pitch them the email.

7. Now, the different thing I did here was, I didn't ask them to link my post in one of theirs, but, "gave them permission to freely copy that complete research post on their site". I didn't even ask for any backlinks from them, but, told them that "This research would reach a lot of people if you publish it on your popular blog and people will benefit out of it which is what I want. So, you're free to copy it on {{site_name_you're_pitching_to}}".

--- Quick info ---

Why did this thing work so well?


The editors of such big sites are always looking for stories and scoops because that's their job. Also, most of the times they're very humble to give you credit even if you don't ask for it (because they're writers and not selfish bloggers like us :P)

--- Back to case study ---

8. I got a very good response rate from all the emails that I sent because of the email subject. I don't remember it exactly but it was something like - "A good research on Pokemon Go which can be published on {{site_name_you're_pitching_to}}".

9. Now, as they copied the research, I got links from them automatically either at the beginning or at the end of sentences like "This research was originally posted at {{my_blog_with_dofollow_backlink}}"

10. After I got my research published on 4 of such big sites, other small sites automatically started copying out of it, and it kind of became a viral chain of backlinks. 1 single research which went viral landed me up with around 40-45 backlinks which included other big sites like Nintendo (yes!) and others. And the best part is that, whenever someone searched for that research keyword on Google, my article ranked first and not those big sites'.

11. The other researchers that I posted didn't go viral but all-in-all still landed my blog with around 50-70 more high-quality backlinks.

--- Quick info ---

All these backlinks which are received were very well rewarding, but the better thing is that, **I developed a great connection with all those editors to whom I pitched**. I pitched almost about 4-5 times about articles and the success rate of converting them to copied article backlinks was about 70% which is amazing!

Also, to maintain this relationship, I now ping them a few times giving them good article ideas (not for linking to my blog, but just for maintaining that relationship). So, I can now contact them anytime in future and land up with a "copy this article and give me a backlink" type of stuff if I enter into another gaming niche site.

--- Back to Case Study ---

12. After all this viral research link chaining, I then started outreaching all those other discussions that I curated from forums and Reddit (from Point 2 of this post) to other small sites and landed on some more backlinks.

Now, I developed an authority in the eyes of Google and a whole lot of subscribers, and trust for my blog in the eyes of visitors. After that virality, I used to get questions and topic ideas directly from visitors and subscribers on my email ID, which means more topic ideas, more visitors, more virality 

----- Case Study Ends -----

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P.P.S: Make sure you try this out and share the results with us in the comments along with the niche you tried this in.

Solution Info by Paras Shah and Mahesh Thokala:

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