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Google Display Network Display Ad Policies Approvals

Google Display Network Display Ad Policies Approvals

Google display network display ad policies:

* Promoting violence, copyrighted content, and drugs are a just few examples of content that is not permitted in display ad content.

* In addition to content policies, there are an additional set of policies for display ads that don’t apply to text ads like ad layouts, such as an image that appears sideways or is repeated, or mimicking computer functions.

* Also, similar to text ads targeting the Google Display Network, display ads need to be approved as Family Safe status before accruing impressions on publisher sites.


Display ad approvals:

Advertisers should review the ad and edit and save and enable it re-reviews.

Implement a campaign:

An advertiser creating a ad campaign for first time adwords guides for the first ad select keywords while selecting think like a customer. Advertisers need to decide campaign bid and budget. In the “Display Network only” campaigns, one can target specific operating systems, device models, as well as carriers and wireless networks.

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  1. added on 17 Oct, 2016

    Kat vs Chloe? I like that! We all gain except Chloe and rest of the Be1ll&#82e7;s. Good point about the flag desecration. It would be an interesting story to have the police haul her off before her big event Hmmm I think I’ll place a call or two…

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