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Target The Campaign Using Different Metrics & Remaketing

Target The Campaign Using Different Metrics & Remaketing

Target the campaign:

Contextual targeting is used to target sites within the google display network using keywords. performance and cost-efficient conversions since ads will provide useful information to readers and attract an audience. To build a contextually targeted campaign.

Define the ad group – Each ad group should have specific themes. Advertisers should start with themes that are descriptive to the product or service advertised, and avoid themes that are aimed at targeting audiences.

Generate keywords – At least 5-50 keywords each adgroup should contain avoid repeating keywords.

Set Ad Group Bids – Set bid at at ad group or keyword level bid and adjust accordingly to monitor the performance.

Add negative keywords – This will help to ensure that ads don’t appear on irrelevant searches.

Implement Conversion Tracking – To better understand the performance of the campaign advertisers should set up AdWords Conversion Tracking this tool helps in finding the action taken by a customer all over the webpage.

Optimise – After few days from the campaign begin check the matches where by adding negative keywords or deleting some of the placements.


Managed placements targeting:
The ads would shown up in some specific websites based on context this websites are known as placements. They can even run on entire display network and adjust bids for lower and higher performing sites.

Topic targeting:
Related to the topic present in the website the ad would be placed whether it’s agriculture, music. Topic targeting can be used in combination with individual placements.

Interest category targeting:
To reach more people according to their taste as they browse pages across the Google Display Network.


Remarketing is a feature that lets advertisers to reach people who have previously visited their site and show them relevant ads when they visit other sites on the Display Network. AdWords remarketing offers customisation and flexibility that can help in delivering their campaigns effectively.

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