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What Are Display and Video Ads On Mobile Devices

What Are Display and Video Ads On Mobile Devices

Display and video ads on mobile devices:

Video ad formats available in the AdWords for video tool
It has a TrueView format with cost-per-view (CPV) video ad bidding With TrueView ads, advertisers only pay when a viewer actively selects their video or chooses to continue watching a video till the end or 30 sec or above. The video content for TrueView ads must be hosted on YouTube. TrueView ads can appear on both YouTube and other publisher sites in the Google Display Network for desktop computers and high-end mobile devices. There are two ways for creating video ads using Adwords for video or the display ad builder tools.


TrueView video formats:

There are 4 types of ad formats
1. TrueView in-stream video ads – This video ad is promoted before the videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network. This video ad would be more than 30 sec so, after 5 sec there would be skip ad option if the user is not interested they can skip the advertiser would be charged if the ad is spiked. After user views till 30 sec or above the advertiser is charged.

2. TrueView in-slate video ads – This video format is used before the video which is longer than 10 min the users have the option to watch one of the three ads from different advertisers or at regular commercial breaks. Accordingly the advertiser would be charged when user views the ad.

3. TrueView in-search video ads – This format allows advertisers to promote a video next to search results on YouTube. The video’s keywords will highlight the video to YouTube viewers who may be interested in the content. This format will include a 640×90 Rectangle or 300×70 Small Rectangle depending on the ad’s position in search results.

4. TrueView in-display video ads – This ad format is YouTube Promoted Videos overlay, promoted videos suggestions and related videos, and the Google Click-to-Play format. It is used next to youtube videos or other website content across the Google Display Network.

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