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What Are The Different Types Of Ads On Mobile App

What Are The Different Types Of Ads On Mobile App

Ads on mobile apps:

Just as ads can show against mobile search and display content they can also serve against mobile apps. There are some differences in the types of ads that can serve screen sizes are different, user behaviour is different, and so is the opportunity.


Display ads can show against a wide variety of apps from the Google/AdMob network of mobile apps. Apps can be as simple and functional as an online grocery list, or a rich gaming experience. Apps can be purchased or downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play stores. Ads that serve against these apps can be on a CPC or a CPM basis. CPC ads are purchased through the AdWords auction while CPM ads are reserved through a Google representative.


Ad formats:

There are a wide variety of ad formats available to display on mobile apps.
* Interactive Video Ads – Interactive video ads engage the users as they launch apps or click on banners.
* Interactive Interstitial Ads – Interstitial are interactive ads that appear within an app.
* Canvas and Expandable Ads – Expandable ads are started by the user and can expand to cover the entire phone screen.
* Tablet Image Banners – Image banners engage users on this highly interactive mobile device.
* Static and Multi-Panel Banners – Image banners and animated banners are available across all mobile devices, including smartphones and feature phones, from high-end devices such as iPhones and Androids to simple WAP phones.
* Click-to-download App Ads – Text or banner ads linking to the app store promote the app to targeted mobile users.

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