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What Are The Different Types Of Mobile Video Ads

What Are The Different Types Of Mobile Video Ads

Mobile inventory:

There are two types of mobile video ads
1. Banner ads – Banner ads would be shown in home , browse search pages of m.youtube.com

2. Video ads – Video ads would sow up at both m.youtube.com and the YouTube mobile app


YouTube mobile ad formats:

There are 3 types of mobile ad formats
1. Mobile Roadblock – It helps to see the stats of how many people viewed an ad on YouTube Mobile for a full day. It appears on the home, browse and search pages of m.youtube.com. It is used because viewers on mobile has been increased. They can contact their Google sales representative to get started with Roadblocks.

2. InStream Video Ads – These ads run when Android YouTube app users play a video from a premium inventory partner. It increases brand awareness.

3. Brand Channels – YouTube Mobile Brand Channels increase video views and brand engagement with iOS and Android users. YouTube Mobile Brand Channels show on m.youtube.com.

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