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Why Should We Measure Ad Performance & Quality Score

Why Should We Measure Ad Performance & Quality Score

Why to measure performance?

Measuring ad performance or return on advertising investment it will be easier for them to respond to changing market conditions to understand and react to shifts in their customers behaviour and to make informed calculations about where to invest additional budget or how to reallocate existing budget. Many tools are there to measure the performance of their advertising investment. They can use performance metrics on the Google Display Network to understand where their ads are showing, and to optimise their campaigns towards the most effective ad placements. They can customise and segment columns and download the metrics for those columns in a format they choose.


General campaign performance:

If the display ads are accruing little or no impressions
1. See that the campaign, ad group, and ads are active .
2. Verify that the ads are approved.
3. Check that the ad has been marked “Family Safe.” Most sites on the Google Display Network only accept Family Safe ads.
4. If using managed placements, verify that the placements being targeted accept display ads in the sizes one has in their campaign.
5. Confirm that the bid is high enough for the ads to appear.

Quality score and campaign performance:

Quality score is to measure the relevance of the display ads to particular pages on the Google Display Network. It effects affects an advertiser’s eligibility to enter the ad auction, ad rank and the price that one pays in the auction. The better the quality score the better is the ad rank and ad position.

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